My pledges

  • Ensure a thriving local economy – Wrexham has incredible potential – but we need more long-term, sustainable jobs on at least the real living wage, that local people have the skills and support to take up. 
  • Tackle the cost of living crisis – our welfare system should ensure work provides a route out of poverty, while ensuring we have a decent, humane safety net for those unable to work.
  • Take action to minimise climate change – seizing win-win solutions that create the skilled jobs of the future and ensure a just transition for existing workforces – Wrexham is well placed to play a key role in this.
  • Secure fair funding for Wales and Wrexham – we need to expose the false Tory promises that Wales would not lose out over funding post-brexit and ensure Wrexham’s needs are recognised in distributing funding.
  • Guarantee a functioning social care system – we need a workforce that is properly rewarded for the valuable role it does – and able to care for our most vulnerable citizens.
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