Where do I stand on Brexit?

Brexit is the biggest political issue of our time – and it is about time the Labour Party came to a clear position through its democratic structures. Like the overwhelming majority of members I backed remain, but what matters now is that the people should decide whether the Government’s approach is the way forward or […]

Passing up the chance to beat the Tories on Brexit makes no sense

This article was published on Labour List on 12 June 2018. Today the first of 15 House of Lords amendments are considered by the House of Commons. MPs finally start the process of formalising Brexit and deciding what a best case scenario deal could look like. It provides parliament with a guiding hand over the […]

North Wales Metro

Here’s my video welcoming Carwyn Jones announcement at Welsh Labour conference in Llandudno of plans for a North Wales Metro system. You can read more about the proposals here.

Winning in Wales and beating UKIP on the regional list

You can read here an article I wrote for Labour List explaining how I believe we can win a seat on the regional list in North Wales and prevent UKIP from taking it. I think this is particularly important as we need regional Assembly Members who work for the whole of North Wales and recognise our unique […]

No. 1 on Labour’s North Wales Regional list

I’d like to thank members for voting for me to be at the top of Labour’s regional list in the Assembly elections in May 2016. I really think we can win an extra seat in North Wales and stop UKIP taking one. If we’d got as many votes on the list as we did in […]

Standing to be on the North Wales regional List for the Welsh Assembly

I’m standing to be one of Welsh Labour’s North Wales Regional List Candidates in the Welsh Assembly Elections in May 2016. Dwi’n sefyll i fod yn un o Ymgeiswyr Llafur Cymru ar Restr Gogledd Cymru yn yr Etholiad Cynulliad 2016. You can read my leaflet Mary4NorthWales and a version of the hustings speech I’ve been giving […]

The best chance for a progressive MP in Aberconwy

Really pleased that vote smart have endorsed me as the best candidate to vote for if you want a progressive MP in Aberconwy http://www.votesmart.org.uk/#66085