A message from Mary

I was chosen by Labour members in Wrexham as their candidate in 2019, with less than six weeks to go before the General Election. We fought hard together but the national swing meant we just fell short. We can’t take anything for granted, but the next election can be different. Welsh Labour has shown the difference our values make. Meanwhile the Tories have crashed the economy and left us with skyrocketing inflation and mortgages.

Our people, our schools, our hospitals, our key workers and our creaking transport system can’t wait for the Tories fantasy ‘levelling up agenda’. We need the investment and support only a Labour government will deliver.

I’m a tried and tested candidate who can hit the ground running and I will dedicate everything to bringing Wrexham home to Labour. After the last General Election I was one of the commissioners who produced the Labour Together Report about how we learn from the 2019 experience and win next time.

I’ll use my experience:

  • campaigning across Wrexham, in 2019 and before and since;
  • getting our message across in the local and national media; and
  • getting things done in Wales and in Westminster.

But getting elected as Wrexham’s MP is only the start. I want to deliver in Westminster, working hand in hand with our Welsh Labour Government.

Making changes, getting results

  • I’ve been proud to play my part in implementing better terms and conditions for care workers. At the start of the pandemic I focused on getting PPE and testing to those who needed them in our care homes.
  • Before the pandemic I won a long protracted battle against Health Boards across Wales to get them to pay what they owed for vulnerable people who needed what’s called Funded Nursing Care.
  • In a previous job, I established and got funding for a new summer school for talented young mathematicians from ordinary schools.
  • Under the last Labour Government I ran a successful campaign to get Parliament to agree to key sporting events remaining available on free to air television for everyone to enjoy.

These are things I’ve done already – national achievements helping people get justice and opportunity. I have the skills and experience to deliver on big ticket items, like social care, that require intervention with both Wales and Westminster, working together. Imagine what I could do for people in Wrexham as a Labour Member of Parliament. I want to build the best country to grow up in, and the best country to grow old in. I want to make that not rhetoric but reality.

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