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Standing to be on the North Wales regional List for the Welsh Assembly

I’m standing to be one of Welsh Labour’s North Wales Regional List Candidates in the Welsh Assembly Elections in May 2016. Dwi’n sefyll i fod yn un o Ymgeiswyr Llafur Cymru ar Restr Gogledd Cymru yn yr Etholiad Cynulliad 2016. You can read my leaflet Mary4NorthWales and a version of the hustings speech I’ve been giving at hustings.

Ballot papers will be going out to Labour Party members in North Wales later this month. I’m standing for three main reasons:

1. These elections are really important. A Labour Welsh Government is our last line of defence against the UK Tory government cuts. We can’t control what money we have but we can prioritise and mitigate the worst effects. It’s therefore really important that we maximise our representation and I want to campaign with our fabulous constituency candidates across North Wales in both English and Cymraeg to do just that.

2. It’s also really important to ensure that North Wales has strong voices standing up for it and making the case for our infrastructure and employment needs. I’d like to continue with the ideas I had for doing that when I stood in Aberconwy in the General Election.

3. If elected, I think I have the skills and experience to deliver for people in North Wales. I currently work with people providing social care to improve services for our most vulnerable. I work with Welsh Government, local authorities and health boards, so I’m used to cutting through bureaucracy and I know the importance of working co-operatively to get things done.

Do get in touch if you have any questions.


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