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Conwy cashpoint update

A quick update on my previous post on this issue.

Conwy councillor Sara Allardice has been pressurising Cashzone, who provide the current cashpoint, initially raising the issue that it had been empty during the All Wales Boat Show weekend with them a week ago. So far, they have apologised and said they have a commitment to have the problem solved by the end of this week if not sooner. This is clearly not good enough and Sara is pursuing it.

I have also contacted Link who run the cashpoint network and have had a reply from them saying:

“I will now contact our relevant members and see what can be done to rectify the problem as a matter of urgency. Please be assured that I will come back to you with an update as soon as possible but in the short term I wanted to just let you know that your next nearest machine in the interim is at ASDA in Llandudno Junction.” Link will also pass on potential cashpoint sites which they will then pass on to their members to assess for viability. So, anyone who has a potential site should contact them.

I have replied thanking them for their response and saying:

“As I am sure you appreciate alternative machines a drive away are not really an adequate alternative for both tourists and locals wishing to spend their money in the multiplicity of local businesses in Conwy Town. This situation is causing immense frustration to everyone involved.”


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