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Conwy needs working cashpoints

HSBC closed their cashpoint in Conwy in February, when they closed their branch. The Cashzone machine in Lancaster Square has been out of action since last Wednesday and Conwy Councillor Sara Allardice, who has been in contact with Cashzone has been told it may take another week to fix. The other cashpoint is within the Spar, which services the machine from its own tills and therefore only has limited access to cash and is liable to run out.

I have today contacted Link, who run the cashpoint network to complain about the cashzone service and suggest that Conwy needs further provision. They say they will always follow up complaints with the individual LINK member concerned and also ask those interested to suggest potential cashpoint sites which they will then pass on to their members to assess for viability. I understand that the Spar would be willing to install a 24 hour cashpoint in their shop frontage but would want their service to continue being free to the user. I will also talk to councillors about any other possible site in the area and Cabinet Member, Mike Priestley, has already expressed a willingness to help identify these.

I’d urge all those affected to contact Link here and you can also suggest sites here.

Conwy’s economy is heavily reliant on tourism and local shops and the lack of access to cash is affecting trade and causing significant problems. The town hosts a number of events throughout the year where visitors need access to cash. For example at last year’s Conwy Feast in October there were extensive queues at the now gone HSBC cashpoint. There is a great deal of demand for cash in Conwy which is not currently being met and this needs to be resolved. I will work with all those interested to resolve this issue.


One comment on “Conwy needs working cashpoints

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