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European Elections

Interesting that since the system changed in 1999, this year was the highest vote recorded by Labour in European elections.

Labour vote in Euro Elections


Not that that’s any reason to be complacent: our record isn’t great and as lots of commentators have said European elections are notoriously unreliable as indicators of anything. In part of course that is due to turnout which is notoriously low.  Across the UK turnout was 33.8% this year and in Wales only 32% .  We can expect the General Election turnout to be around double that and focus on the battle between the Tories and Labour about who runs the country.

I’ve seen various criticisms of those who didn’t vote. But I think those of us who are candidates or politicians need to take a level of responsibility for not inspiring people to vote.  If we think the EU is worth being part of, the European Parliament worth having representatives in and our candidates worth electing then we need to make the case and inspire people to agree with us.

Over the next year, my job is to convince the people of Aberconwy to vote for me. I’ve spent a lot of time on the doorstep and what I’ve heard so far is that they want an economy that works for them and their families and and an MP that delivers for the area and stands up for their community. But I’ll keep talking and keep listening.


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