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#AchievementsofAttlee versus #CostofCameron

It seems fitting that we started our #CostofCameron campaign day today in Attlee Close, Llandudno.  Clement Attlee was the Labour Prime Minster from 1945-51. He inherited a war-torn country that really was broken. Yet despite this his Government rebuilt the country and the economy, maintained near full employment and created the National Health Service. A Government for the many not the few.

In contrast David Cameron has presided over three years of economic stagnation and as I’ve written in my previous post is making those who can afford it least suffer most. Today the biggest issues raised were people who couldn’t afford to put the heating on, and who were struggling to pay the bedroom tax.  This is the cost of Cameron.  All this from a Prime Minister who cut taxes for millionaires, while prices have risen faster than wages in 41 of the 42 months he’s been in office.  Let’s revive the spirit of Attlee: Britain really can do better than this.



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