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Letter in Daily Post – 14 Jan


#AchievementsofAttlee versus #CostofCameron

It seems fitting that we started our #CostofCameron campaign day today in Attlee Close, Llandudno.  Clement Attlee was the Labour Prime Minster from 1945-51. He inherited a war-torn country that really was broken. Yet despite this his Government rebuilt the country and the economy, maintained near full employment and created the National Health Service. A […]

Counting the #CostofCameron

Every time I go out campaigning I hear more stories about how the #CostofCameron is affecting people in Aberconwy: The woman working freelance: finding it takes people longer to pay her, and even when they do it’s harder and harder to keep on top of her bills; The disabled man: struggling to pay the bedroom […]

Some more photos from 2013

So, we are now in 2014, and the General Election is next year. It’s been a busy autumn I’ve mostly been posting on my facebook page and on twitter but I wanted to put some more photos up here of visits in 2013: At Ty Hapus Community Centre and Llandudno railway Station redevelopment with Rachel […]