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Tens of thousands hit by the Tory Bedroom Tax have nowhere to go

Councils unable to help more than 19 out of 20 families hit by the Bedroom Tax, new figures have revealed.

Labour Party FoI requests to local authorities show that over 30,000 families will be hit by the Bedroom Tax in Wales.

But the figures show there are less than 900 one and two-bedroom council properties available for families who wanted to move to avoid the tax. In Conwy, there are no smaller properties available for the 745 families affected to move into.

The Tory Bedroom Tax means that those affected will have their Housing Benefit reduced by 14 per cent if they have one spare bedroom and 25 per cent if they have two or more spare bedrooms.

But this new information proves that there are not enough smaller properties for affected families to move to, even if they are willing to do so.

Welsh Labour Housing Minister Carl Sargeant AM, last week announced £20m to help tackle the Tory Bedroom Tax in Wales, investing in more one and two-bedroom properties.

“These figures are truly shocking and show that tens of thousands of families are being trapped in poverty right across Wales. This policy is already in danger of costing more than it saves.”

“Forcing hardworking families to rely on food banks and loan sharks is not a price worth paying. The people of Aberconwy will rightly be questioning why our Tory MP is not opposing this cruel attack on vulnerable families living here.”

“The effect can be particularly pernicious in rural communities, and I recently met a disabled man in the Conwy Valley, who feared he would have to move out of his village, and away from his support network as there were no smaller properties available.”


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