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A Private Members’ Bill to encourage home-grown SMEs

You can see my article on a proposed private member’s bill here as part of a series by candidates in the seats that Labour needs to win to form majority in 2015. Advertisements

Cost of living squeeze resonates in Aberconwy

When Ed Miliband first coined the phrase the squeezed middle, it was ridiculed by commentators.  But more and more of us would describe ourselves this way: official figures show that, after inflation, average wages are already £1,669 lower than in 2010. This means that working people will, on average, have lost a total of £6,660 […]

Tens of thousands hit by the Tory Bedroom Tax have nowhere to go

Councils unable to help more than 19 out of 20 families hit by the Bedroom Tax, new figures have revealed. Labour Party FoI requests to local authorities show that over 30,000 families will be hit by the Bedroom Tax in Wales. But the figures show there are less than 900 one and two-bedroom council properties […]