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Pleased to welcome Owen Smith MP, Shadow Secretary of State for Wales, to Aberconwy

owen smith @surfsnowdonia

On Friday Owen Smith MP and Mary Wimbury, Welsh Labour’s parliamentary candidate for Aberconwy visited the proposed site of Surf Snowdonia on the former Dolgarrog Aluminium site.

When finished the development will be a major boost for the local economy attracting increased tourism as well as providing jobs.

Mary Wimbury, Welsh Labour’s candidate for Aberconwy in 2015, said:

“The Surf Snowdonia development will be a fantastic boost for our local economy and is exactly the sort of innovative venture I’d like to see more of. Jobs and job security is the biggest issue coming up on the doorsteps across Aberconwy. People are feeling the pinch of the rising cost of living and struggling to make ends meet.

“The Tory/Lib Dem Government is wholly out of touch with the economic realities facing ordinary people. While figures released today show that over 35,000 people in Wales relied on Food Bank hand-outs to get by last year, the Tories and Lib Dems have given 13,000 millionaires a £100,000 tax cut.”

Owen Smith MP, Shadow Welsh Secretary, said:

“With long term unemployment in Aberconwy 50% higher than at the general election, we need new ideas and projects like Surf Snowdonia to provide jobs for young people, in sharp contrast to the lack of ideas coming from the Tory-led Government in Westminster.

“Tourism is worth £4.2bn the Welsh economy and supports thousands of jobs. Surf Snowdonia would be a welcome addition to the attractions in North Wales and has already won the backing of local campaigners like Mary Wimbury.

“It could also provide lessons to other areas through the way it makes use of a former industrial site to combine the natural beauty of the landscape with new technology. I look forward to visiting with my family when it opens!”


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