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Forward to the hustings on 11th May

I’m absolutely delighted to be on the final shortlist for Labour party members in Aberconwy to choose their parliamentary candidate for the 2015 General Election.  I would like to thank everyone who was involved in nominating me.

I have been trying to speak to as many members as possible to give them an opportunity to ask me any questions.  I have also set up this website, a facebook page and already have a twitter account @marywimbury.  I think it’s important to show in the selection what I would do as a candidate and I do think it’s important to use social media to engage with voters we might not reach otherwise.  But I think nothing is more important than face to face contact.  If I’m selected I’ll be talking to people locally, and asking supporters to invite me to local groups they are involved in, or if they’re willing to get a few friends or neighbours together and introduce me.  We have two years until the general election and my priority as a candidate would be talking to people in the constituency, listening to their concerns and finding out what we can together on.  We need to work with as many people as possible to get rid of this pernicious government and elect a Labour government committed to jobs and growth to benefit the whole country.


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