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Mary Wimbury for Labour’s NEC

I want each of our nations and regions to have their own representation on Labour’s National Executive Committee and as a Welsh Labour member I want to see a guaranteed CLP rep for Wales, who votes in Welsh Labour members’ interests, and can be held accountable for doing so. You can sign up to the campaign here.

I’m also standing for a proper debate on Brexit at this year’s party conference. Our responsibility as a Party is to do what is in the best interests of the country.  While I campaigned for Remain, I think we had to respect the referendum result. But we’ve given the Government the opportunity to set out their vision for Brexit and they’ve failed. We must avoid a Tory Hard Brexit and that means the closest possible relationship with the EU. But, as a party, we must not be afraid to debate the most important issue facing our country. You can sign up to this campaign here. Personally, I would support an opportunity for the British people to speak again either through a people’s vote or a general election where we put clear options before them.

I want a Labour Party that is welcoming and inclusive for all who share our values. We need to live those values in our meetings, in our campaigning and in our encouragement of new people to get involved. In particular we need a fully independent process to deal with sexual harrassment and bullying and zero tolerance of antisemitism.

The Party did a great job, in such a short space of time, putting together our manifesto for the snap General Election but we need to be working now to build on it and flesh out the detail for a document that will be much more heavily scrutinised as we are seen to be on the brink of taking power. In particular we need to construct a better offering for the working poor.

We need to win back the small towns and rural and coastal seats we held twenty years ago in order to form a government. I know campaigning where I live in North Wales is different from campaigning in more urban and suburban areas because I’ve lived in those previously, but we need voices from constituencies like this at Labour’s top table. I’m a lifelong Labour activist in the seven constituencies I’ve lived in, and I’ve served as Parliamentary Candidate, Welsh Assembly candidate, CLP Secretary, General Election Agent, Women’s Officer and Local Government Committee Chair. I have the experience to serve on our NEC. I do the hard work and I know the thanks and support our hardworking activitsts need.

I’m also a member of Community Union and am Treasurer of the Wales Co-op Party.

You can download my flyer here.

Please note some content on this website dates from when I was a parliamentary candidate in 2015 and an Assembly candidate in 2016.



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